Sunday, March 2, 2008

The enlightening trip to mulshi

There are few things you do everyday and without them your day is just not a day! everyday you brush your teeth, bathe, pee, SHIT! (Yes the last one is in BOLD)
I never imagined how this one mundane activity of a human being could possibly affect the mind ....soooooo much! But my poor darkened understanding received light, thanks to the study trip to mulshi.

This trip (as we were told) was a 'study' trip which God only knows why it was held in Mulshi. I mean i know the place is damn beautiful and all( which truly it is), but still why?
Anyway...getting back, yes! So my class of 60 (which usually is 30 on the normal lecture days) had to be transported to this place in a 54 seater with material such as printer(yes yes printer in a village called mulshi), speaker (probably to announce in the village that we are here we are here!), drawing boards (mind you for every student), a black board (aahan black board it is) with 5 to 6 dozen of tinted sheets and mount board...oooh oohh...and pots 60 of them! All this in a 54 seater local travelling bus along with 60 students, 2 profs and their luggage. Woah! An event in itself. Who needs to go to mulshi? Lets stuff ourselves in the bus like cotton and party man!!!

After 2 and a half hours of the painful journey(literally), getting out of the bus felt like paradise!
The food served there was amazing for all four days!( woah i miss it like mad) Thankfully we were blessed with proper maharashtrian food. Our resting room was as big as my kitchen in which 9 of us had to sleep with no fan and a 10watt bulb. At first we contemplated whether the luggage should sleep in or us?? But everything fell in place when 2 went to the profs room and other 2 left the next day!

There were around 8 'cottages' surrounding a lawn, a kitchen and 3 bathrooms and toilets. And all this on a far off mountain with a river flowing below.
Food was the highlight of the day amidst warli painting, chitrakathi painting and village documentation that we were asked to do.

The first day began with 2 loos clogging under the pressure of 60 human beings. The following morning, the last and only hope to free our stomachs from the pressure gave in. The tolerable ratio was 1:60 ...but after this tragic incident, none:60! woah! time to take tension, but that too was dangerous! We diverted our minds and wandered to the riverside, the shack...the lawn and conveniently ignored the topic of food. By this time few students had lost hope and returned back home.

Luckily by evening we could free ourselves from the underlying pressure. every one came out with huge victory smiles and relief!

The sun down was the best! The only activity left was to lie down on the grass and stare at the gazillion stars flaunting their beauty and glory.

Consciously or unconsciously every one counted the hours back to the time when we were suppose to depart. I remember, when everybody saw the bus arriving , they all ran towards it like a cattle herd. The whole trip was filled with tensions,frustrations, fun times at the shack, the river, the lawn and all.

By the end of trip, a lot of students had left earlier. So the journey back home was a little better than the former one.(Thank the Lord!) All in all this trip was full on masala maarke kinds!

PS: The trip was a lot more eventful and fun than it sounds in this piece of writing!