Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am a happy person at heart...only an over reactive happy person.
I dont have any problems, i just create them.
I always think correct but mostly do wrong.
I know the correct answers to my questions but I don't like them!
I am open to changes but i do not think changes are open to me.
I do not hate few selected human beings... i loathe them.
I need to let go off somethings but damn am i am attractive or what!
I dont know why some 'i' in my blog are lower cap and some upper cap
I can read minds ....maybe not correctly
I am always analysing a human mind...i think it shows
I stare so much ...i wonder why am i not a genius yet.
I usually dont have conversations in this blog ...but as i said i am open to changes.

Why laugh when no laugh?

My blog url is one laugh and all is well. I think this url was created more or less like a motivational statement instead of an amusing factual statement about my life.
But eh! who am i kidding! Lets face it....this really isn't helping. I mean i am going no where in life right now neither professionaly nor personally. But i still laugh and have fun! Thanks to my url probably. Life could not get lonelier than this...or maybe it could(i am just over reacting) eh! But its ok. I am allowed that much vent it out in over reaction probably. :P