Friday, October 9, 2009

I wonder how it feels to belong.
Belong is a heavy emotion.
Forgive me for not having felt it.
But spare me for not possessing it.
It is an under rated but one of the most important emotion.

I wonder how it feels to belong.
Does it make you feel secure or do you still have the inhibitions of a being?
Does it drive away the little pangs of anxiety in your humongous body?
Does it stop the rapid eye movement when a tornado strikes your mind?
Does it reduce the number of expectations you make?

I really wonder how it feels to belong.
Give me a feeling
And I will feel it.
Throw me a mood
And I will be it.
Tell me something
And I will understand it.
Save me a miracle
And I will live it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No title

This is what i do(always)
I click the option of new post.
There is a lot to write mind you, but i do not have the courage to type it down.
By then my thoughts are transformed into this ugly sort of blob entangled between reality and practicality.
These mere seconds on the clock change my creativity into nothingness.
Time is overpowering and I am weak.
Time is passing and I am still weak.
This place brings the worst out of me.
And I still like it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am a happy person at heart...only an over reactive happy person.
I dont have any problems, i just create them.
I always think correct but mostly do wrong.
I know the correct answers to my questions but I don't like them!
I am open to changes but i do not think changes are open to me.
I do not hate few selected human beings... i loathe them.
I need to let go off somethings but damn am i am attractive or what!
I dont know why some 'i' in my blog are lower cap and some upper cap
I can read minds ....maybe not correctly
I am always analysing a human mind...i think it shows
I stare so much ...i wonder why am i not a genius yet.
I usually dont have conversations in this blog ...but as i said i am open to changes.

Why laugh when no laugh?

My blog url is one laugh and all is well. I think this url was created more or less like a motivational statement instead of an amusing factual statement about my life.
But eh! who am i kidding! Lets face it....this really isn't helping. I mean i am going no where in life right now neither professionaly nor personally. But i still laugh and have fun! Thanks to my url probably. Life could not get lonelier than this...or maybe it could(i am just over reacting) eh! But its ok. I am allowed that much vent it out in over reaction probably. :P

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vent out for no reason

I want to smash their head into a wall or something when they call a laptop "Lappy"! How difficult or "uncool" is it to say Laptop!