Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear camera...

I truly and honestly believe that I am the happiest when i am holding you and looking at the world through you . And when I say happy, it doesnt mean bringing just a smile on my face. It definitely deals with something deeper.
When I hold you I dont know anyone, I dont hear anyone. All I do and want to do is look. And I mean look not just see, LOOK. If I was a little more courageous, I would simply pick you up and leave. Just leave. I do not know where to. But leave. It would be just you, the world and I. We could face it now couldn't we? You are meant to face it and I am meant to be with you. I pray that day shows up real soon.
You are my hobby. I can proudly say I am good with you :D. 33 days to be precise, I havnt held you or for that matter even looked at you (excpt for once when I rechecked if you are still with me). Although i wish i could do that more often. Trust me it feels horrible. Horrible is not the word. Shameful it is. When I say I swear by a camera, i should sleep camera eat camera talk camera. But I dont. And I am sorry that i dont. Please dont give up on me ok? Believe me when I say "I love you". I do.
Happy resting :)