Sunday, February 3, 2008

My mind and I

My mind is blank, I dont know where all my thoughts ran
Words are floating around me but my mind refuses their entry
It wants some space to think for itself, be free from all the issues that need to be dealt.

But what happens to I when my mind says 'goodbye'
The I remains nothing but just a body with no act,
regretting the complaints and realizing what I lack.

'Need you back' says I to my mind
But mind does not turn to look behind
I wait and wait for some miracle to stop by
Hoping that the mind will come back and tell me not to cry!
And help I to gain my confidence back,
feel like a new person and get my life on the right track.

'Come back my mind' says I again
I stand here while my mind stands there, you know, its a narrow lane.
Minutes of silence envelopes I and mind
Finally mind cries out, " Be back when PEACE is mine."

Friday, February 1, 2008

From there to this...

"Pass me the tape! Arey give me the cutter!What are you doing??" That is exactly what i should have been yelling at this point of time...

Since the past two weeks I worked and worked so that i could have this one chance of proving myself worth something. My college festival started today ie. the 1st of feb 2008. Being a part of the 2nd day of the fest was the best thing. I got to do things what i like, be with people and enjoy the fest. The most amazing part of a college fest is the making of it. Th amount of effort the students put in is mind blowing...

I am one of them. I was lucky to be a part of 'the most amazing' side of the fest ie. the days of struggle to get it all together. I was eagerly waiting for 'THE' days to begin...until last night the 31st of january when i visited a doctor and was told about a disease that i had never ever heard of and that i was suffering from it! Crazy!! Like just 24 hours ago i know zilch about this disease and the next minute i know i have it..

I am supposed to be perfectly fine in about two weeks though. Wow! That makes it better...i miss my college fest, have to go home and stay on bed for a week, i miss college, i miss on an important submission and blah blah! What more can i ask for!
Atleast i get to go home right!!
Oh lord in 24 hours i have travelled from there to this!!!!!
With all the work pressure i kept praying if i could just go home...and BANG!!! My wish comes true.

So off i shall be to my beloved home
To sleep, to eat but not to roam
To cuddle in my mum's arms
And not care when goes alarm
With an unwell body but healthy soul
I shall now go and play the sweetest daughter's role!