Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Post

OK! So now I am in Bangalore with a job and a decent pay to feed my insides, few amazing people here who make me feel at home, my closest of friends in touch with me, a beautiful city to live in(cant wait to explore it)! SO what more to ask for? Everything is right there. Its beautiful with lots of opportunities and hopes and dreams. So what to wait for?
Practically everything I wished for has come true. But you see I am personally not fond of the way this stupid human mind works. It constantly needs something to munch on. And so when everything is perfect like how it is right now, it will dig up what it chewed up just to ruminate and see if there is anymore juice to yeild out! So it (in this case my mind) will dig up the most irrelevant topics and ponder and wonder and think and analyse and scrutinize and kill it! Like chew it so very much you cant even use it to burn your gas!
So currently I havent decided what to do with this mind of mine. I could trade it for some good photography on the weekend. Photography does the trick you know. It keeps my mind busy with pictures and the jinxed activity called 'thinking' is used to only see actually look is more appropriate. So off with my camera I shall be on the weekend to explore this beautiful garden city that I reside in :)
Happy clicking to me!

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